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Monday, May 14, 2012

♥ Universal Friends Tut A Thon ♥

Welcome to Our First Universal Friends Tut-A-Thon!!!
For our very first Tut-A-Thon the theme is
Spring & Summer Tut - A - Thon!!!!
This Tut-A-Thon will start on May 14th and run thru June 14th 2012 ..
All prizes will be sent out on June 20th...
at which time all tallys will be talled up and winners announced..
After Winners are announced please respond back within 1 week of the announcement
if the prize goes unclaimed the prize(s) will go to the next in line.. (Unless you have posted a MIA in the Jail Pass and we
know that u r away..or email me Here to let me know)
U do have to be a registered member and a active member to participate in the Tut A Thon!!!!

Happy PSPING!!!!

Here is how it works...
I have a total of 160 Tuts!!!
Contest Rules:
Start a thread with your Name, like this (Stef's Spring/Summer Tut-A-Thon)!!
U can only post 1 tag per tut , meaning u can only do a tut once and post it..
Please also make sure that u post ONLY 1 tut each post please...
This is how you will need to post it ,
#1 (Tut #2 , Name of Tut)
then post ur tag...
U DO NOT have to do the tuts in order that they are posted...
Please make sure that you put ALL THE PROPER COPYRIGHT ON ALL TAGS!!!!
If u post a tag without the Proper Copyright it will be deleted and u will not get credit for that 1..
Please be sure to follow these few simple rules or you could be disqualified!
If you have any questions please pm me or leave a post in the Tut-A-Thon chat thread ...
U can find it Here!!!

The one who does the most tuts will win as follows below...

There will be 3 winners for this..
1st Place wins $10 gift certificate from your choice of PTU tube or Scrap Store..
2nd Place wins 2 tubes of choice from your choice from either PTE,CDO or Xeracx store..
3rd Place wins 1 tube of choice from your choice from either PTE,CDO or Xeracx store..
Please have fun and can't wait to see all of the creations that U create.

Click Here for the Tut A Thon!!!


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